Water Kefir Pineapple & Ginger (Case of 12)

Water Kefir Pineapple & Ginger (Case of 12)

  • Case contains 12 x 330ml servings
  • For Digestive Health

  • Naturally Fermented

  • Live Culture

  • Water Kefir is vegan and free from dairy, gluten, preservatives and artificial additives. 
  • Ingredients: Kefir Culture (Daylesford spring water, organic figs, dates, sugar, molasses), pineapple, ginger, erythritol, stevia leaf extract. 

Emma & Tom's Water Kefir is a naturally fermented drink made with symbiotic culture of good bacteria and yeasts (called "Kefir Grains"). Each bottle contains billions of living microorganisms and a lot more strains than Kombucha. These living organisms have been known to aid good digestions.