FAQ: Emma & Tom's Fresh Flavoured Milk

Why should we drink Emma & Tom’s milk?

Our milk is natural, high in protein (12g/bottle), low in fat and naturally high in calcium (52% of your recommended intake is in this bottle!).

Why does your milk have a longer shelf-life than the normal fresh milk?

Our milk processing facility is very clean. Our bottles are made within the factory and the caps are UV treated prior to capping. The processing room uses negative pressure where the air is being circulated outward to prevent cross-contamination. Together with flash pasteurisation, our milk has a longer shelf-life.

Where do the flavours and colours come from? How are they natural?

We use natural flavours such as coffee powder and cacao powder. Colours and flavours are all natural extracts of plants.

Is it Kosher certified?

No, but it contains no meat product.

Is it vegetarian friendly?

Certainly, our milk comes from happy cows feeding on mostly grass.

I see “no added sugar”, what are you using to sweeten the milk?

We’re using natural stevia leaf extract.

Is Stevia not sugar?

Stevia extract comes from Stevia plant leaf grown predominantly in South America and some part of Asia. It chemically does not have the same molecule structure as sugars (glucose, fructose and galactose). Therefore, stevia is not sugar. It binds to sugar molecule to enhance the sweetness.

How much sugar is in your milk?

The natural occurring lactose sugar in our milk contributes to 5% of the product.

Is your milk reduced fat?

Yes, our milk contains only 1.3% fat.

Does your milk contain A2 protein?

Yes, our milk is fresh from the happy and healthy cows that produce milk containing all natural components of milk.

How do you stack up compared to other flavoured milk brands?

Our flavoured milk range has the same ratio of macros (protein, fat, sugar) similar to low fat plain milk. It is nutritious and guilt free to give to your kids!

Are the ingredients local or imported?

All our flavoured milk is made from at least 99% Australian ingredient (except Espresso flavour – at least 98% is made from Australian ingredient!).

After opening, how long can I keep the milk in the fridge?

We recommend consume within 2 days after opening.

Does your strawberry milk contain Annatto for colour?

No, our natural colour in the Strawberry milk is extracts from Radish and Berries. On a separate note, our UHT Strawberry milk contains Carmine as colour ingredient. Carmine is a natural colour extracted from insects.

What is the carbohydrate in Emma & Tom’s no added sugar flavoured milk range?

Plain milk has a carbohydrate level of 5g per 100ml, which is lactose. Emma & Tom’s no added sugar flavoured milk has a carbohydrate level of 5g per 100ml (the same level as plain milk). If we compare this figure to other “sugar added” flavoured milks, which are usually around 11g per 100ml, we can see that our milk range has far less sugar than those that we usually find on the shelf.