Emma Welsh and Tom Griffith met having a swimming lesson when they were twelve years old. They have literally been in the drink ever since!


In 2003 childhood friends Emma and Tom decided to join forces to make Australia’s best super premium fruit juice. After a year of getting everything set up, they launched a range of 4 super premium fruit juices in September 2004, calling the business Emma & Tom’s.


Since 2004 the Emma & Tom’s business has grown to include a team of over 50 colleagues across Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The 4 super premium fruit juices has grown to a full range of healthy drinks and snacks, including:

  • 8 Super premium fruit juices
  • 7 Sparkling fruit juices
  • 3 Quenchers
  • 4 No added sugar flavoured milks
  • Raspberry Kombucha
  • 2 Brewed Ice Teas
  • 6 Dried Fruit and Raw Nut Life Bars
  • 3 Chia Bars
  • A Seed Slice


Today Emma & Tom’s products can be found in over 5,000 outlets in Australia and are exported to China, Jordan, Malaysia, Hong Kong