Emma & Tom's join Foodbank in the Fight Against Hunger

Emma & Tom’s have always believed that part of being in business is to give back. It is important to Look After Others and make a difference where possible in our community and environment. 

Emma & Tom’s is proud to officially partner with Foodbank Victoria to help fight the hunger crisis.



Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation. Foodbank distributes food and groceries to more than 2,400 charities and supports more than 2,000 school breakfast programs nationally . Despite Australia’s reputation as a wealthy country, food insecurity is a reality for an increasing number of people. In the last year, more than one in five Australians have been in a situation where they have run out of food and have been unable to buy more. That is the equivalent of five million people*.

Foodbank acts as a pantry to the charity sector in Australia, helping to source and rescue edible surplus food and groceries from the country’s farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. Foodbank Australia provides more than 70% of the food rescued for food relief organisations nation-wide.

Look out for the Foodbank Logo on our Look After Others Water, raise awareness and learn more about the fight against hunger.

Look After Others Water uses 100% recycled PET, which uses 82% less resources compared to other plastic bottles.




Emma & Tom’s are proud to be a certified B Corporation (http://bcorporation.com.au). With over 2,200 B Corps globally (in 50 countries and over 130 industries) we are part of a growing community of socially and environmentally responsible businesses.

What is a B Corp?

Certified B Corporations strive to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Why did Emma & Tom’s become a B Corp?

The team at Emma & Tom’s has always believed that businesses have an obligation to leave the world a better place. We understand that we operate within a community of stakeholders, who look to us to set the example, which is too often overlooked by corporates, business and politics. We want to ensure that environmental and social considerations play an absolute key part in corporate decision making and ethics.



Emma & Tom’s supports a number of worthy local causes with short life and excess bars and drinks, providing healthy nutrition for people in need.

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